Treat Yo-Self


Well it's late on Halloween. The kiddos are probably all in from their trick or treating, sorting through their stashes. Who's to say you aren't allowed a little fun on Halloween too? As Tom Haverford would say - TREAT YO-SELF! (If you don't watch Parks and Recreation... seriously, you should watch Parks and Recreation. NBC - Thursdays. Do it!) Make yourself a tasty treat that is SUPER SIMPLE and a bit healthier than that Snickers you are eyeing.

Run to the store. Grab some Cacao chips. (They should be there in the baking goodie aisle.) Run over to the fruit and snag yourself a tangerine... head to the checkout aisle and get ready for a good time.


Peel apart that tangerine, and separate the slices on to a cookie sheet (or any other movable surface will do).

Melt the cacao. If microwaving, do this in 30 second intervals and stir in between each so this doesn't burn.

Dunk the slices in the chocolate, sprinkle sea salt on to the chocolate, and chill this in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Once the chocolate has hardened - eat it up! The salt, sweet, and sour combination is so very tasty. The only challenge is avoiding the seeds!

Enjoy your Halloween everyone! And enjoy treating yourself!