Obviously that's not what it really stands for, but that's the acronym I created for my favorite new workout!

No weights? Check! Body resistance? Check! Works that body good? Check! Awesome? Double check!

I headed over to Yoga Works Tarzana after teaching last Friday morning, to check out the TRX class. I have done a Pilates/ TRX combo class at Pilates Plus Studio City which I absolutely loved, but I wanted to try a full-hour TRX class because I knew how challenging it would be. And I am up for any fitness challenge!

I am one of those crazy ones that loves when my muscles are burning and shaking. The reason I love that feeling is that I know I am creating good change and strengthening my body when it happens. Always remember, when you legs are shaking like a sewing machine, it's a good thing!

The genius of TRX is that it's literally just bands that you hang from on a wall. What?! Right. And you have endless amounts of exercises that all encompass your own body weight. Creating a beautiful, sculpted, and strong physique. And if there isn't a TRX class near you, you can purchase at-home TRX kits as well (

I'm heading to Columbus, Ohio today for work and am so excited to check out the local studios there, but even more excited to head back to TRX next week for some good full-body-burning! I leave you with this loveliness today...