USANA 5day RESET High Fiber Cleanse


Today marks day one of the Usana Reset 5 Day Cleanse. I've done a number of different juice cleanses and enjoy them for a half a day and then realize I need to chew something, so I end up cheating even if I'm just eating a piece of fruit. In this particular cleanse you drink, eat, and fuel your body every two hours. I'm a big fan of all three of those things. If you have ever been apprehensive about starting a cleanse don't be because this is the one to do.

April Norris, is a childhood friend of mine who contacted me about the Usana program. We grew up dancing together and have since taken to the world of health. She is a beauty who is a wife and a healthy mother of two adorable kids! Cleanses are not just about losing weight but they are there to help "RESET" the body. As healthy as we can be, sometimes we do need to give our body a little recharge.

To give you a little overview of cleansing day one, it went a little something like this. The alarm went off right around 5:00 am (blech) and first thing I usually do is go straight to the shower. Today I went straight to get 16 ounces of water and gulped it down before all of my morning "to-do's." I finished getting ready blended ice, water, and a shake packet, took the health-pak vitamins, and had a piece of fruit. I have to be honest I was actually full! I taught two classes and once I finished I had a protein bar and 16 more ounces of water. I had some blogging to do and before I left to teach again I made another shake and ate a handful of nuts. I taught class, came home, walked my perfect pup Jojo (I am a doting mama), and then had another protein bar. I was still satisfied and wasn't feeling light headed or irritable like I often do on juice cleanses. For dinner I was worried since I had dinner plans with a friend of mine but I picked one of my favorite spots and ate a lot of kale which was a great option. I have to say, day one, was totally doable! I'm feeling good this evening and am looking forward to documenting how I'm feeling throughout these 5 days.

If you are interested in this RESET program contact April Norris at She is so encouraging for her clients! Thank you April, onto day 2!