Who Wears Short Shorts?


I wear short, shorts! Sometimes that is…

I have always been a bit apprehensive to put on a spandex short to go to a workout class. I slowly started finding cute and comfortable designs that keep the booty held in and the legs looking fab. I mean lets face it we are literally in the heat of summer, so any clothing that is lightweight and flattering is perfect for this time of year.

Daisy dukes are back Bennerfitter's but with that said, I don't want to see my students back end out and they sure don't want to see mine. I found some shorts that I am dying over because they are so darn cute and incredibly complimentary to the body.

Check out these adorable patterned Onzie shorts. Onzie is a local brand in Los Angeles that is based out of Venice, Ca. Their patterns and designs are killer so I suggest you take a risk and go with something bold this summer! www.theonzie.com

I am a sucker for an adorable skirt and Athleta.com always comes out with the cutest designs. This Swagger Skort is catching my attention at the moment.

My favorite running/hiking shorts are by Nike. They have a built in liner which is awesome because they are a loose fitting short. www.nike.com


So go on a short spree or dig in those drawers for your daisy dukes because they are back people!

Have a happy day :)