Zumba Is a Booty Kickin' Good Time!

I'm guilty! I judged a book by its cover and that cover was "Zumba." The Latin dance fitness craze that people go nuts over! I always thought it was a silly little dance class that would give you a mediocre workout. I never gave it a chance until last Friday. I'm upset without myself that I didn't try it until then because let me tell you it was a booty kickin' good time!

It's a killer cardio workout and you don't want to stop even when you could drop down to the floor from exhaustion because you are having such a great time. My cheeks hurt after class because I literally was smiling the whole time. And that's not just a cheesy comment I am just stating the truth Bennerfitters!

I always say the instructor is what makes the class dynamic. It is the instructors job to lead a class, get your students motivated, stay determined, all while helping them feel better and creating a happy environment. Our Zumba instructor did just that and I plan on taking it again this Friday night! It's so much better then dancing the night away in a silly ol' club! There's no judgement so if some students struggle with picking up the steps you should always keep in mind, just do what you can and be proud of that!

Whether you are a man or a woman it does not matter because let's face it everyone needs to let lose and dance sometimes!

Go to www.zumba.com to look up classes near you!