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Benner Fit Beauty Tip: Flowers In Your Hair

You're at the gym, hair is in your face. The hair it seems is all over the place! It's time to get it up out of there. So why not add a flower in your hair? Okay seriously, I didn't mean to turn this into any sort of Dr. Seuss situation. I don't know what came over me. We like to spice it up with our headwear, even when we are at the gym. Hair ties, pins, headbands - you name it! Give your noggin a little love with some fun accessories! And might we suggest - put a flower on it!

Flowers In Your Hair | Benner Fit
Flowers In Your Hair | Benner Fit

Floral Pattern Headband (upper left): American Apparel Flower bobby pin (upper right): The great state of Hawaii :) Flower hair tie (lower left): H&M Flower head band (lower right): Free People

Our uLive Show Launch!


Well! It has been a bit crazy bananas over here in Benner Fit land in the very best of ways. Sydney and I have been working hard over the last few weeks on her latest fitness venture FLIGHT and it premiered this weekend! We couldn't have been happier with the way it went down and are so very grateful for all of you who were able to make it out for the big day. And for all of you who have been supportive of what we are doing - THANK YOU! We heart you big time. More of that to be blogged about soon enough.

Amidst the madness of prepping for Flight a few other AMAZING things happened. Like the fact that our first ever web show with the Scripps Network site uLive launched! Um... holy moly.  About a year ago Sydney and I starting going through ideas for a show that would be featured on uLive, and ultimately it turned into a summertime fun-time extravaganza. We are so happy with how it turned out. The amazing folks over at Watch It Now did fantastic job with the day of shoot and editing. The whole crew was wonderful and the shoot was a blast!

We made a little video about our excitement of the show launch:


We took a little breather after the Flight class Saturday, so we don't have a new circuit for you this week - but check out all of the BennerFit fun over on uLive to hold you over until next Monday -



Pantone Spring 2014 Colors: Sportswear Edition


Oh Spring! You're almost here. The clocks have sprung forward and the sun is shining longer and all sorts of new colors are in play. Right around the time of NY Fashion Week, Pantone (the masters of color, the ones who rule all colors, you know -  color royalty) announced their Spring 2014 colors. So if you want your fitness gear up to date with the latest color trends of spring, here is a little guideline for the latest spring palette.

Spring Sportswear + 2014 Pantone Color Palette on Benner Fit: Cayenne and Freesia

Working Out at Work

OfficeGym on Benner Fit

This is kind of what I do all day: Sit, click, tippie type, tippie type, sit. I can feel my booty expanding by the minute.

I'm sure a lot of you are just like me and live inside cubicle walls on a daily basis and do a whole lot of sitting. It's the nature of the beast these days - with the way technology is headed almost everything is virtual and there isn't a whole lot of movement involved when it comes to that.

Lately my body is all out of whack - pain in my lower back, shoulders super tight.  I know it all stems from a loosened core and a compacted vertebrae that comes hand in hand with the sit, click , tippie type, tippie type, sit.

So what's the cure? Don't worry - I've been looking into it...


Quite simply... get up and move already!  If you have to meet someone face to face - take the longest route to get there. And make it a point to see people in person rather than calling that extension. While you are at it, skip any shortcuts and circle the perimeter of the building. Those extra steps count! Have a meeting to go to? If it's not too weird... stand! Alana (my 30 day challenge partner) has started getting people to stand during meetings she holds by declaring "STAND UP FOR YOUR HEALTH!" Speaking of that...


Make standing an option in your workspace. The Huffington Post just wrote an article on the negative effects of sitting at work all day (which will get you standing up for your health for sure!). Not only does it save you from the pressures on your back, standing at your desk also burns more calories. I've been admiring this standing desk situation for a while now:

VariDesk on Benner Fit
VariDesk on Benner Fit

Remember that standing is hard on other parts of your body, so the option to also sit should be available. A variable desk such as this is the perfect fit. However, if you can't afford a fancy variable desk, this Ikea hack is pretty great and only $22.


Thigh Master on Benner Fit
Thigh Master on Benner Fit

(picture thanks to Time Out Chicago)

Tighten up those thighs on the sly. Most people can't see your legs under your desk so put them to use! Invest in a Thigh Master, a small exercise ball, or a pilates ring (below) and squeeze 'til your thighs are content. (Bonus points if you dress like the lady above while you do this.)

Workin Out at Work on Benner Fit
Workin Out at Work on Benner Fit


No one likes a loosey goosey handshake. Keep those wrists and forearms strong with a hand grip. These are super cheap and you can challenge yourself every day while you catch up on email. Walking to a meeting? This is so handy (see what I did there) you can take it with you and grip while you chat.

ZON Handgrips - Working Out While At Work on Benner Fit
ZON Handgrips - Working Out While At Work on Benner Fit


If you've got some dough, your office doesn't consider it a legal issue, and you don't mind looking a little bit silly - go bananas and get the crazy fun goodies that keep you fit at work!

My favorites:

Gamercize PC Sport Stepper: I always joked at work that we should have a some sort of treadmill contraption which in turn spins our our computer fans and makes our stations function while we walk. Well here it is! According to Gamercize's website: The low profile GZ Power Stepper fits neatly under a desk, connecting your USB plug and play keyboard or mouse with the GZ PC-Sport for a workout while sitting down. If you slow down or stop, the keyboard or mouse will not function until you restart exercising.


Work Out at Work on Benner Fit
Work Out at Work on Benner Fit


Throw this guy on to the back of your swivel chair!  OfficeGym gives you the ability to tone up without leaving your cube. Sit and be fit. Wasn't that a thing?  Well... it's back!

Working Out At Work on Benner Fit
Working Out At Work on Benner Fit


I'm going to let this picture do all the talking. Just look at the smile on her face. She's super excited to be in this setup.

Working Out at Work on Benner Fit
Working Out at Work on Benner Fit

Benner Fit!

That's right! Turn on a Benner Fit in the break room and get the office working out!

There are a lot of ways for us office dwellers to still be active. Don't let those cubicle walls hold you back!

Spiritual Gangster Goods

Spiritual Gangster Yoga Gear! Check it out!

Hair Hair Hair!

Easy hairstyles for workouts!

Exciting Announcement!

Hey you guys! We are so incredibly excited to announce that we will be launching our first official Benner Fit class, YogaStyle! You can register starting today for our October 26th class over at EventBrite.

YogaStyle features an hour long dance/yoga/cardio workout set to the live music of our dear friend, DJ E-Rage! The class will be followed by homemade treats and mocktails created by none-other than Colleen from Food, I Love You. There will also be fabulous apparel and accessories to buy from Body Language Sportswear and Hanna.LA Handmade! (Many, many thanks to Yoga Shelter for letting us host this event in their space.)

What's even more awesome is that we are getting to offer this class to you for FREE! All you have to do is sign up to join us! Visit our EventBrite page: to register, and for all of the details.

We really cannot wait to see you there!

A "Splendid" Afternoon

A "Splendid" Afternoon

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Who Wears Short Shorts?

I wear short shorts!